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Basic Entertainment Channel Guide
Movies Box Office 1
Movies Box Office 2
Movies Box Office 3
Arabic 1
Arabic 2
Arabic 3
Arabic 4
Arabic 5
Arabic 6
Arabic 7
Arabic 8
Ginx Sports TV
Disney Channel
Disney XD Channel
Disney Junior Channel
Nickleodeon Channel
Nick JR Channel
Nick Toons Channel
OSN Kidz Zone TV
Baby TV Channel
Arabic 9
Arabic 10
France 24 Channel
Discovery HD Channel
Discovery Family Channel
Discovery Science Channel
History Channel
History 2 Channel
Animal Planet Channel
National Geographic Channel
National Geographic Wild Channel
National Geographic People Channel

• Basic Entertainment Package

Basic Entertainment Package - One Year Subscription
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• Only pay for the TV channels in your chosen Package(s)

With the release of the new Satellite TV Packages, OSN have addressed the issue that an increasing number of Subscribers had been highlighting when renewing their existing OSN Subscription(s). Subscribers who didn't watch Movies (for example) were reluctant to pay for a Package which included Movie Channels. In short, they felt that they were paying for something that they did not want ! Now, starting with the Basic Entertainment Package, Subscribers can choose to add whatever Package(s) suit their viewing preferences. Don't watch Movies ? Don't add Movies - Simple !

• Introducing the new OSN Plus HD Satellite Receiver

The new state-of-the-art OSN Plus HD box is an online library and digital video recorder in one. It gives you access to the widest selection of both OSN and on-demand content. It enables you to watch the content that you want to watch, when you want to watch it. You can record an episode of your favourite program, or a whole series of episodes. You can Pause, Rewind, or Fast Forward Live TV. An eight day viewing guide includes a detailed description for each show and makes forward planning your viewing schedule a cinch.

• More Reliable and a Vastly Superior Picture Quality

Your OSN Subscription is delivered to your home via satellite (not using the Internet) so, there's none of the freezing, or buffering that is associated with Internet TV Systems, especially at busy times and with far more bandwidth capacity, the High Definition Satellite TV picture is far superior to that of Internet TV. Taking in the true 1080i picture and Digital Sound for the first time, is an experience that you will not easily forget.

• Ordering a new OSN Package

You can order a new OSN Package or, add to an existing OSN Package from this page. The Basic Entertainment Package is the place to start. The channels included in the Basic Entertainment Package are displayed in the left hand margin of this page. It is the minimum Package available. You can have it as a standalone Package or, you can add any of the other Packages to it to create your own customized Package, but it must be included in your final choice. Next, add your OSN Plus HD Receiver to your order (unless you are an existing Subscriber and already have a receiver). Then choose a method of delivery, or indicate that you wish to have the whole system installed by us. Finally, make sure that your personal contact details are correctly completed before submitting the order form.

• Installation (if required)

If you already have a 100cm Satellite Dish fitted (pointing at the Nilesat group of satellites), setting up your new OSN Plus HD Receiver is simple - just connect the Coax Cable, the HDMI Cable and Power Lead and your Receiver will work immediately. However, to take advantage of 'all' the features that the OSN Plus HD Receiver offers, the 'special' LNB (supplied with the Receiver) has to be fitted to your Satellite Dish. You may be able to do this yourself or, you may need us to visit your home and do this for you.
The Receiver is configured before we dispatch it to you which includes registering your chosen Packages to work with it. If you do experience any technical difficulties, our customer support help line is available seven days a week on any of the advertised numbers.
If you do not already have a (minimum) 100cm Satellite Dish installed at your home, we can arrange to install one for you (including the LNB and Cable to the Receiver).
You may have the correct size Satellite Dish installed at your home, but it may not be pointing at the Nilesat group of satellites. If you wish, we can arrange to do this for you.
Before we can tell you the additional cost of carrying out either of the aformentioned jobs, we need to get further details from you (once you have submitted your order). Typically, the charge for adjusting existing equipment, and/or fitting the special LNB supplied with the Receiver and connecting up your new OSN Satellite Receiver is approximately €95 in all areas of Cyprus. The charge for installing a new Satellite Dish, LNB, Cabling and connecting up your new OSN Satellite Receiver is approximately €165 in all areas of Cyprus. If required, this work is usually carried out within one week of receipt of the initial order.

• What happens next ?

When you press the "Submit" button, if everything is OK, the next page that you see includes a message confirming that your submitted form has been sent to us. The contents of your form are sent to our email account which we look at regularly. As soon as we see your form, we will review the information that you have submitted to check that everything is OK. If it is, we will send an email to you confirming that we have received your order and inform you what happens next. What happens next is determined by the details in your order. If, for example, you are an existing OSN Subscriber who has added an extra Package to your existing System, we will provide you with instructions specific to your particular order. Existing OSN Subscribers who want to transfer their existing account to the new OSN Plus HD Receiver will receive a different set of instructions. New OSN customers who require a home installation (Satellite Dish, LNB and Cabling etc.) receive yet another set of instructions - you get the idea.

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Ultimate Entertainment Channel Guide
Arabic 11
OSN Series First Channel
OSN First HBO Channel
OSN Series HD Channel
OSN Series Comedy Channel
OSN Series Comedy Plus 2 Channel
Comedy Central Channel
Syfy Channel
Star World HD Channel
TLC HD Channel
E HD Channel
BBC First Channel
ITV Choice Channel
Food Network Channel
Fine Living Channel
FTV Channel
Travel Channel
MTV Live HD Channel
VH1 Channel
Trace Urban Channel
MTV India Channel
OSN News Channel
Sky News Channel
Fox News Channel
Bloomberg Channel
IDX HD Channel
CI Channel

• Ultimate Entertainment


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Ultimate Entertainment Channel Guide
OSN Movies Action Channel
OSN Movies Action Channel 2
OSN Movies Channel
OSN Movies 2 Channel
OSN Movies Thriller Channel
OSN Movies Thriller 2 Channel
OSN Movies Festival Channel
OSN Movies Kids Channel
OSN Movies Family Channel
OSN Movies Comedy Channel
Sundance Channel
Star Movie Channel

• Movie Package

Add Movie Package for One Year
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Ultimate Entertainment Channel Guide
OSN Movies First Channel
OSN Movies First 2 Channel
Arabic 12

• Ultimate Movie


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Ultimate Entertainment Channel Guide
OSN Sports Action 1 Channel
OSN Sports Action 2 Channel
OSN Sports Action 3 Channel
OSN Sports Action 4 Channel
OSN Sports Action 5 Channel
OSN Sports Action Cricket Channel
OSN F1 Channel
Ten Cricket Channel
Wrestling Channel
Fuel TV Channel

• Ultimate Sports


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Ultimate Entertainment Channel Guide

• OSN Plus HD


Add OSN Plus HD Receiver
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On Demand 1 TB PVR

• Pause, Rewind, Fast Forward and Slow Motion

Need to answer the phone, or leave the room ? Quickly and easily pause a Recording, Live TV or, an On Demand Programme. Rewind a Show to see your favourite scene again, or to catchup on a part that you have missed. Move ahead slowly, Fast Forward, or skip ahead in periods of 15 minutes. Enjoy your favourite parts in slow motion.

• On Demand Movies and TV Shows

There's no need to miss your favourite programme - On Demand automatically stores the best Movies and TV Shows for you to watch as and when you feel like it.

• Recording

Record your favourite Movie, TV Show or, a whole Series and watch what you want, when you want, on Demand in High Definition.

• Electronic Programme Guide (EPG)

Plan your week's viewing up to 8 days ahead. Check Broadcast times, see a detailed description for each Movie and/or Show and schedule your Recordings. View a particular day's Entertainment across all Channels. Browse the daily schedule for the Channel that you are watching.

• 1 TB Hard Disk Drive

Record up to 150 hours of TV. Record up to 8 days ahead. Record all the episodes of a chosen Series which automatically appear in your Play List.

• Play List

The Play List tells you the status of your Recordings, tells you whether it is scheduled, in process, or completed (partially), or failed. Use Parental Lock to enjoy added Security and to Block, or Restrict certain Programmes, or Channels. Set a Reminder so you don't forget what you are Recording with on-screen prompts, just before the Broadcast time.

• Channel List and Favourites

Browse the full list of available Channels before setting your own list of Favourite Channels for ease of use and faster Channel selection.

• Audio and Subtitles

Choose your Audio Language (Arabic or English) with Subtitles available on some (not all) Channels.
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We are currently completing an update which includes adding new content and archiving the messages from our Question and Comments section(s).

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June 26, 2017 - 10:36 am
H Paul

As discussed I would like,the OSN premium package plus satellite dish installed at aphrodite hills resort ASAP this week by Wednesday if possible.

Thanks and regards
Leigh odendaal
Michael Maslanka
August 07, 2017 - 11:42 am
I have an OSN hd Showbox but my subscription expired last month.

Your website shows
Basic Entertainment Package - One Year Subscription-1+€275.00
Add Movie Package for One Year-1+€155.00
Add Ultimate Entertainment Package for One Year-1+€155.00
Making a total of 585 Euro

Would this be the price for me to renew my subscription.

Kind regards,
Mike & Rochelle
September 24, 2017 - 09:54 pm
Does the basic package include bbc1 bbc2 itv channel 4 and channel 5. If I decide to have a satellite box I have two dishes already on the roof so would probably just need the cables and box and set up and also they may need turning I am coming to Cyprus on the 28th of sept could you set it up while I am there asap. Iskele north Cyprus.
Thanks for your help
Alan Potts
October 25, 2017 - 04:13 pm
I am looking to replace my old Kaon OSN box with something a bit more modern.
Do you have the Humax HD 1000 available and would I be able to transfer my existing subscription with OSN to the new box?
Failing that, what price for the 1 TB box without the Basic Entertainment package?
I'm in Limassol by the way.
Maickel John
November 14, 2017 - 11:52 am
Can I buy OSN Plus HD Reciever with OSN Card without subscription ?
November 16, 2017 - 03:30 pm
Do you have iptv service for Israeli channels?
David Matin
March 04, 2018 - 08:25 am
Hi, Can I purchase from you a OSN receiver and package and pay for UK delivery? would you be able to setup an osn account for me so I could login etc for renewal I would be happy to pay for that too?

please let me know

michael doughty
August 16, 2018 - 03:45 pm
I am trying to contact you to raise an order but can never succeed.
Please give me your email address.
Emile Ghoury
May 29, 2019 - 11:28 am
I am a customer of OSN in Amman, Jordan for a long time now and I have more than one package with you.

I just bought a new apartment in CYPRUS, Paphos and need to install OSN.

How can I do it?
My address is TALA Avli, block C, App 202

My Jordanian mobile is +962795538500
My Cypriot mobile is + 35795723431

Please advise ASAP


Iris Armstrong
December 27, 2019 - 12:00 pm
Hi Paul, Gwyn, I hope you've had a good Christmas.
I was wondering if it would be possible to just buy an HD Plus box from you.
December 30, 2019 - 02:52 am
Hello . I am interested in osn and bein movies please could you give me more details how it works ?
Walt Oxer. sweetwaterbay
August 26, 2020 - 03:36 pm
We live in tatlisu will you be able to set up their as live tried all others and they don’t work please advice
Regards walt
Andrew Cullen
January 03, 2023 - 02:49 am
Do you do packages that include BBC itv and the channels you'd get oa basic sky subscription


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